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GUMBI by EdwardCullenrocks GUMBI :iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 7 15
jacob or edward 5
Flowers. The sweet smell of flowers. Oh, how marvelous this meadow was.
Edward. “Edward!” I called. He bounded into view. ”Yes love?” he said. “Shall we dance?” I asked extending my hand. A wide grin spread across his face. “I’m at your service.”
I intertwined his fingers with mine and put my hand on his shoulder. He put his arm around my waist., and began to waltz. We turned and twirled and spun until I was out of breathe and fell to the ground. He lay down beside me and we looked to the stars. I laid on my side and he faced me.
I touched his cheek and leaned in. He smiled and sighed. His cool sweet breathe washed over me. Ah, the smell. I breathed in deep savoring it. He opened his eyes and I gasped. What had once been deep gold, were now bright crimson. He bared his teeth and snarled. I tried to crawl away put he pounced.
“GAH!” I woke up screaming.
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 3 25
jacob or edward 4
With a jolt I woke up and started coughing wildly. Water spluttered out of my mouth as I continued to cough. I sat up and looked around. I was on a beach, waves were washing up against my feet. Next to me was a set of footprints in the sand.
Though I felt like I was frozen solid, my body ached, and my throat burned, I stood up and attempted to fallow the prints. Up ahead I could tell who ever it had been was staggering. Everything was off balance. When they turned into paw prints I gasped. Jake.
Up ahead they lead into the woods. I did NOT want to get lost in there again. But what other choice did I have? I was worried about Jake. I really don’t think that he would have just left me on the beach, alone after almost drowning, if something wasn’t up. So there I went.
It was getting darker as the sun was setting, and I knew I had to be quick. Lost in the woods was one thing, but lost in the woods at night was completely another. But it wasn’t hard to fallow where Jake had g
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 3 14
jacob or edward 3
Ocean. Why do I smell ocean? I stood, and fallowed the smell. With only tripping on two rocks and a stick, I made it through the trees. In front of me was a steep cliff that plummeted down to the ocean. So I was within the La push border. That was why Edward hadn’t come for me.
The breeze shifted and my hair swirled around my face. I took off my shoes and laid them next to a tree. With my arms outspread I walked forward. Each new wisp of wind caressed my body lovingly, and whispered quietly to me. Jump, they said. Jump.
I took a deep breath so my nose was filled with sweet ocean air. I extended my toes over the edge to where I could wiggle them freely. How I wanted to jump. To feel the care free ecstasy of free falling. The ocean spray continued to hit my face as if taunting me to join the rest of the water at the bottom of the cliff.
My face grew hot and I began to shake. My entire body began to burn. I knew I needed the water at the bottom. My mind, though it was growing foggy,
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 3 6
jacob or edward 2
Who would leave me in the middle of the woods? Me. I mean seriously. Has Jake lost it? There are plenty of unsuspecting rocks to trip over. Let alone other things. I got up and walked over to the nearest tree. I had watched this show one time where the person climbed up a tree to figure out where they were. The only problem was that I had to climb the tree. That could be disasterous, even with two working arms.
I found a foot hold in one of the lower branches and pulled myself up. The tree was a really good climbing tree, but I was still having a hard time. I was about six feet up when my foot slipped and a slid down the tree until I grabbed a branch with my good arm.
Already I could smell blood. The scent of rust and salt stung and lingered in my nose. When I was able to, I pulled myself over to a branch and sat down. While being careful to take deep breathes through my nose, I looked to see how much damage had been done. My entire front was scratched up bad, and my knees were full of
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 3 5
Jacob or Edward
I sat up in a panic and looked around for an escape. I was completely surrounded by fur that had to be Jacob. His flanks continued to rise and fall with his breathing as his snoring went on. I started to kick and punch at Jake when I realized my arm was hanging at a very wrong angle. I screamed in shock and pain. Why had Jake done this to me?
I looked down to see a pair of wolf eyes staring back at me.
“Why Jake?” I asked. He said nothing, and continued to stare. I gave him the evil eye and kicked his head. For some reason he thought that was funny. His mouth opened up into a wolfy grin, with his tounge lolling out to the side. Frustrated, I folded my arms across my chest and leaned back glaring at Jake. In response he stood up and stretched. Which of course, knocked me over on my butt.
Jake looked down at me and gave a growling chuckle. Why is it so funny when I fall? I’d have to ask Emmett some time. With a look at me, Jake turned around and ran. Oh great I thought. I&
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 4 11
jacob or edward prolouge
Jacob Black stepped over the threshold and walked towards Edward and me. I was still being held behind Edwards back but I longed to run to Jake and hug him. I stretched my hand out to the on coming wolf but Edward grabbed it and put it forcefully down by my side.
Edward’s voice was barely audible over both of their growling when he snapped,
“State your purpose.” Jake answered through thought and Edward’s eyes narrowed as he pulled me even tighter to his back. “She is mine! Why would you even think of coming back here you mongrel?” Edward replied. Jake barked and moved closer to me. “You can’t have her. She chose me.”
Jake growled and lunged at Edward. I was forced backward onto the couch as the two collided and Edward forced Jake back out the door. No, I thought, this can’t happen. Not between them. I ran out after them. They had already made it to the garage and were circling each other slowly. I ran forward and put myself between them
:iconedwardcullenrocks:EdwardCullenrocks 4 18

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Hey, so first of all I got photoshop CS4 finally:D I'm excited: ) I just need to master my tablet now, which is harder than it sounds. ummmmmmmmmm....... my leg is still in serious pain, it's been so long so I am now in chronic pain: ( which sucks severely. it's actually my back. I have back problems which are pinching my nerves that lead to my feet thus causing foot pain. Idk, it's an overall suckish situation. Oh, and does anyone know why my icon thingy got changed to lady gaga and why I can't change it? it's quite annoying and I'm really not actually a fan of lady gaga.:/
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